Pizza Party at Cal’s Own

Cal's Own 2nd Birthday

Cal's Own 2nd Birthday Party

Last Monday I had such a fun night… After tackling the rush hour traffic myself, Hannah & Claudia headed to Cal’s Own to help celebrate their second birthday! Cal’s Own is located on Chilingham Road, Heaton in Newcastle and Monday sealed the deal, is now my absolute favourite pizza place.

Cal delivers Brooklyn style pizza, something I’ve missed since New York! To ice the cake Cal uses locally sourced products and ingredients from Italy which results in the most tasty pizza.

As well as pizza, we were treated to various spicy sides and crusty breads with balsamic and oil over glasses of Prosecco… all in all a recipe for a really good night. Thanks so much to Cal and the team for having us all and a VERY Happy Birthday to you.

Make sure to pay Cal’s Own a visit the next time you’re in town. Find them on facebook & twitter.

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