Free Film Day: Vue Cinema – Gateshead

Gone Girl at Gateshead's Free Film Day

Gone Girl at Gateshead Vue Cinema

I hadn’t been to the cinema in what felt like years until this past weekend, so an invitation to a day of free films at Gateshead’s Vue Cinema was a welcomed one! Especially since I’d been itching to see Gone Girl since it first came out.
The Gateshead Vue Cinema has only been open a year and it’s located right next to the equally new Tesco superstore, near the Tyne Bridge. Parking is free and easy considering how close you are to Newcastle city centre and the Gateshead Quays. We headed straight in out of the cold and found the red carpet had been rolled out for the occasion.

To me the most important part of any cinema (other than the film this is) is the seats. There is nothing worse than a numb bum… especially when films like Gone Girl are 2 & 1/2 hours long. I am pleased to report however these are the comfiest seats I’ve ever sat on at a cinema and the film was just as good. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know how gripping the storyline is! I was a little worried I’d be bored because I knew what was coming but I was hooked the entire way through.
GK and I had a great time and I’d highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area. Sadly there’s no news of another free film day coming up but the prices start from only £3.50 and after having a little look around – I can’t beat that!

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