C2C Moments – Festive Preview

I’m not ashamed to admit it but I love Christmas… I don’t mind that every year the Christmas things go in the shops earlier and I have been known to purchase presents in June! I like looking at overdone houses (not mine) and can think of nothing better than singing (or screeching) along to Mariah Carey, All I Want for Christmas in the shower, however there is one person who out-does me at all things festive and that is my good friend Nicola. So when I received an email inviting me along to a preview of the Christmas Menu at Coast 2 Coast, I jumped at the chance & texted Nic to keep the night free.

After a quick pre-drink after work, myself and Mrs. Christmas headed to Coast to Coast in The Gate, in Newcastle. We got there just in time and were handed a warm Spiced Apple Cider which made me think of sitting in my pj’s in front of the fire at home – it was delicious. Now I’m not a big drinker, almost t-total but if it’s in a cocktail glass or has a bit of fizz, I can’t say no. So the first drink in our cocktail class the Mimosa had me at hello. A twist on a classic Bellini with a splash of Grand Marnier – I will be indulging on this on Christmas morning!

Next up was an egg-nog inspired mix with rum raisons polished off with a sprinkle of chocolate, and then I got picked on! I’m a natural as you can see from the photos (thanks to Nic & Jeff) of me whipping up my white chocolate orange martini. My second favourite, these were delicious.

Then came the food which was all explained by Coast to Coast Newcastle’s Head Chef – despite both being petite in frame, Nicola and myself managed to munch through, 2 starters, Goats Cheese Bruschetta Bites and Mushroom Risotto, 2 Mains, A cheese burger in a brioche bun with bacon marinated & drizzled in maple syrup with a side of fries and colesaw…. AND A Christmas Dinner, complete with turkey and all the trimmings. Just when we thought we were about to pop desserts arrived, pecan nut pie with side servings of chantilly cream and vanilla pod ice cream, a massive chocolate brownie sundae and a scoop of each flavour ice cream on the menu.

If you’ve read Girl in the North before you’ll know I’m an incredibly fussy eater due to my black pepper/sulphur allergy and quite often have to opt for gluten free however there was no need and so I took advantage and ate pretty much everything put in front of me. Everything tasted so good and I made sure to do an extra 30 minutes in the gym today for it. After dessert we all rolled to the bar for one final cocktail, The Snowman – seriously tasty and very cute, he’s topped off with twiglet arms, Oreo eyes and a carrot.

It was such a lovely evening and what was really nice to hear was how much thought had gone into the Christmas offer at Coast to Coast… From the stories behind the cocktails to the reasons for the food choices, it was nice to hear the brand wasn’t just another machine churning out the standard and that it actually really valued it’s employees and customers. I had such a fun night, I cannot wait to go back now – anyone for a burger?

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