September 2014

Girl in the North September 2014

1. There’s been lots going on this month and I feel like I’ve had hardly anytime time to blog! I treated myself to a manicure while Norman (my mini) had a trip to the valet. He came back polished and just in time as the weather the next weekend was perfect to put the roof down.

2. Lush night time walks on the Quayside have been more pretty than normal… I’ll be sad to see the sign go down. 3. I joined the #GirlBoss club and I was pleasantly surprised. 4. You can never have too many trainers, especially when your boyfriend is a PT. My new Nike Free’s make me feel like I’m floating but I’m still having issues with my shin splints.

In other news, I’ve been enjoying these: Restaurant reviews especially Tasha’s review of Fat Hippo – Love their burgers. I’m planning a trip another trip back to London this Autumn (I miss my London friends), so these tips for free things to do will come in handy.

My absolute favourite offline read is The Guardian’s Blind Date column so when I spotted this on Buzzfeed I had to share. Finally, recently I worked out I’d been writing online for a crazy amount of years which made me feel really old so I was glad I wasn’t the only one when I saw this.


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