Dr Martens Newcastle Launch

Dr Martens Newcastle Store Launch

Newcastle Dr Martens

On my return from Edinburgh Fringe festival at the weekend, I opened my post box to find a collection of bills and a really exciting invitation to the new Dr. Martens Store opening in Newcastle!

My first real memory of the Dr. Martens brand was way back in the nineties and my older cousin who wore too much gel in his hair and was into cool new bands like Blink 182 (I’m showing my age here) got a pair! The boots were traditional Dr Martens 1460’s and I thought they were the coolest things I’d ever seen.

So when the lovely Lauren from OPR contacted me and asked if I’d like to attend the launch and receive my very own pair of boots, I jumped at the chance! I won’t give away what pair I’ll be wearing for the launch just yet but it was a very tough decision.

The new store will be located at the top of Grainger Street and will open its doors on September 4th. It will be the first standalone store in the city, following recent store openings in Brighton and Edinburgh and to celebrate the launch of the Newcastle store, Dr. Martens will launch their ‘#STANDFORSOMETHINGNCL Search’ – a region-wide hunt for an authentic Newcastle Doc Martens wearer to star in its Spring/Summer 2015 #STANDFORSOMETHING international ad campaign. So you too can get involved… all you have to do is tweet a photo and a statement of what you stand for using @DRMARTENS #STANDFORSOMETHINGNCL throughout September.

It’s a great campaign idea and I can’t wait to search through the entries on instagram! See you all at the store in September!


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