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Marks and Spencer Picnic

The Sunderland Live Office is currently rather busy in the run up to the 25th Anniversary of the Sunderland International Airshow. So when I received an email from the lovely folks at M&S offering me the chance to try their new picnic range, I jumped at the chance and figured it would be nice for the office to enjoy some lovely M&S food rather than just grabbing the usual quick sandwich.

Unfortunately this post doesn’t feature any pictures of a lovely picnic basket or photos of the team out enjoying the food, partly because it is so busy right now but also because we demolished the food so quickly! The quiche lorraine scored top marks among the team and we’re all now addicted to the Beetroot and Mint dip, which has since proved hard to find because it sells out as soon as our local Sunderland store receives a delivery.

The range features old school favourites mixed with more modern snacks and then there are the desserts… Now I have to confess because I only received a couple Eton Mess desserts, to save the arguments at work (sorry colleagues) I ate them all to myself but the good news is, I can confirm they were delicious.

The range is available in most M&S stores now and you can’t miss it as it has the cutest packaging. From picnic scenes on packets to bottles wearing cute little wool hats, it stand out on the shelves from a mile off and the good news is, it isn’t that badly priced. I’ve just been back this evening to pick up a few bits as I’m taking advantage of the weather & heading for a few glasses of wine & some snacks by the beach one night this week. Have you tried the new picnic range? What did you think?


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