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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Girl in the North Outfit of the day, Workwear

Workwear in the sun

I've had a little break from blogging for a while as life threw some pretty big obstacles at me and it's been nice taking time out to be with my family, friends and really concentrating hard on my job. Working for myself these past few months has been hard work but it's had its perks too. I have still been receiving everyone's comments and emails though and thank you for sending your kind words. It's meant so much during this difficult time.

I'm always surprised by the number of questions I do get asked in regards to my job and how I ended up doing what I do. So I thought putting a few of the answers into a post might be helpful.

Working freelance means no two days are the same. I've got to work with some fabulous companies including everything from to fashion, events, advertising and a Media Buying Agency and everything in between. One day I might be consulting on a brand and the next jumping of a bridge, every day is different.

The negative parts include accounts, paperwork, tax returns, separate bank accounts etc etc etc. I'm still useless at remembering to keep my receipts. I did however find this amazing resource by Kris Atomic a couple of months back and that post gave me the kick to get organised. It's full of great finds if you were taking the leap to freelance. Other negatives include chasing invoices and not knowing if there'll be enough money to afford to eat some weeks.

The positives outweigh these though... while my Dad and Granddad have both been poorly, I've been able to work from my parents and therefore got to spend more time with them. Being my own boss means there's no dress code either so sun dresses mixed with blazers are perfect in this summer weather for staying cool and still looking professional. No permanent office means re-locating to the garden on sunny days too!

So that's where I've been, working hard and spending good quality time with the people I really love. I'll be back soon and writing properly again before you know it! And in case anyone was wondering, the dress is TK Maxx, sunglasses are RayBan and the ballet shoes are Topshop.

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