North East Bank Holidays : Hello Summer

Sunday, 5 May 2013

I hate to be one of these people who jumps on the weather bandwagon but today was the first really sunny day this year - I didn't even have to wear a coat or even a cardigan! After how hectic last weekend was with Feel Good Festival and the zip wire, I decided I'd spend the bank holiday relaxing. Today I woke up late with the sun streaming in my bedroom windows and sat and had breakfast at my table rather than dashing around with a slice of toast.

Later I popped into town to do a spot of shopping where I found some amazing bargains in TK Maxx. More on this later though as the dresses I bought deserve their own blog post. After lunch Aileen and I headed down to the beach, sunglasses on & the top down on the car - it was perfect weather, so we walked along the seafront & grabbed an ice cream. Strangely one half of the beach was super busy but as we walked further along from Roker to Seaburn, it started to get a bit more peaceful.

So if you're looking for something to keep you occupied on Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow, I recommend a trip to Roker & Seaburn beach as the weather is meant to be even better than today! I'll definitely be heading back to dip my toes in the water and get my vitamin d fix! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Sounds lovely, darling!
    Beautiful pic!


  2. it's the same down here in the south. sunny and warm. happy monday!

    1. Good to hear, hope you enjoyed your day!


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