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Protein Bars - Healthy eating

Protein Bars - Healthy Eating

Since beginning to work with Sunderland Live and hearing more about the Feel Good Festival, I’ve been taking a much bigger interest in my health. So when I was contacted by the nice people at NBF and asked if I’d like to try some of their new protein flapjacks, I jumped at the chance.

Protein Bar

I opened the package that arrived the other morning at my parents house while having a coffee. I only managed to get a few snaps before my Mom had pinched one of the Cocoa Coconut bars and my Granddad had decided the oat raisin ones were his! So we did the only fair thing there was to do and chopped them up into sample sizes so we could try them all. A sudden influx of people who work for my parents farm had obviously smelt the coffee on the go and our kitchen was full all with people giving their seal of approval.

Like the true traditionalist I am, Original Oat was my favourite and I’ve swapped my morning biscuit snack to this now and I have to say I’ve found I’ve stopped picking as much. So they’ve definitely passed the Girl in the North ‘If I don’t like it then I won’t write about it test!’

Trek Bars are available from Natural Balance Foods and as well as protein bars, they also do a lots of other gluten free products and vegan brownies. If you’re into your healthy eating then they’re definitely worth checking out!

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