Fashion : ASOS Wish List SS13

Friday, 24 May 2013

Just over a month or so back when we had all that horrendous snow, I managed to get snowed in at my parents! Some of you may have seen the photo I put on twitter but for those of you who didn't have a look here! That was just the start, my parents live on a farm on a hill & the drifts ended up so high they were above my head! The reason I was at my parents was because I'd been to visit my Dad in hospital and was then waiting on a delivery from ASOS. I never imagined it would actually turn up because of the weather so you should have seen my delight when the Parcelforce van appeared at the end of the driveway.

I expected him to take one look at our driveway and disappear so I ran to grab my wellies and run down before he made an escape. To my surprise as I shot out the door, he'd started to walk up! Great service always encourages me to buy again and even though I'm not a great fan of online shopping, I'm about to put in another ASOS order, for my brothers house warming present but this obviously led me to a wish list of things for my wardrobe which I thought I'd share.

Given that the weather hasn't improved that much (it hail stoned yesterday), I'm on the lookout for a warm but not winter coat, at £440 I think I'll have to keep dreaming about the Diesel one but the ASOS skater biker mac is right up my street! I also happened to spot the pair of check trousers, which I do need more of as most of mine are black or grey and these would be perfect for work.

No wish list post would be complete without shoes and a handbag, so of course this lovely pair of wedges might be needed for my up and coming holiday. The Barbour bag needs no comment, it's perfect for me and my lifestyle. I love my Chanel that I received for Christmas but I have to admit I tend to throw my bags around. I need something that will withstand all sorts and Barbour is known for that. To top it all off a pair of sensible ankle boots because well, you can never have too many ankle boots!

What have you been buying to cope with the weather? Let me know in the comments below - I'd love to see!


  1. Fab selections!
    Love those wedges!


  2. Just been having a read of your blog and its fab, totally agree on the diesel jacket shame about the price!
    Im new to this blogging world but if u fancy checking out nestylesmart any feedback would be much appreciated.
    Look foward to more posts
    Cara x


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