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Monday, 1 April 2013

Stockton Calling North East Festival Review

Girl in the North at Stockton Calling

There is only one person I know in the world who loves a music festival as much as I do and it's my good friend Skinny Jim! In latter years I haven't been able to attend as many as I used to or would have liked to but the other week Jim mentioned our little group were off out for the day to Stockton Calling and wondered if I fancied it. I've been trying to save my pennies lately but I justified it by calling it inspiration for work!

So six of us (Roxy, Lynzee, Jim, Tim, Dan & I) headed down to our neighboring town of Stockton on Saturday after lunch for an afternoon and night of fantastic live music and dancing. We headed straight to get our wristbands at our first venue The Arc which is Stockton's cinema usually and popped in to see 'Weird Shapes' - who were quite weird but equally awesome. I'd never heard of these guys before but they play against live visuals and it was all quite haunting and had me very on edge. Our next stop was The Sun Inn to see the North East's very own Billy the Kid. I say 'see' we had little chance of this as the room filled up ridiculously quick and we had to listen from outside. Local lass Natasha Haws was next on our to-see list in The Green Room before heading to KU for my favourite band of the day 12 Dirty Bullets.

12 Dirty Bullets play up here in the North East so much, I actually didn't realise they were from London. These boys are as easy on the eye as they are they are on the ear and I guarantee they'll have you dancing! See the above photo (of frontman Jamie - not Roxy & I) and below video for evidence.

A couple of drinks later, we headed over to see Sunderland lads, Athletes in Paris and if you weren't dancing in your seat before you will be now. AIP have an amazing stage presence and everyone at the front went a tad mental for them - they deserved it though.

We then hopped between venues for a while before ending the night with The Sunshine Underground and a massive search for a late night take-away! We left Stockton, tummies full of greasey pizza and ears buzzing with amazing music. The rest of the gang went to see 12 Dirty Bullets who were dj'ing in Sunderland when we got back and I headed back home ready for my early morning on Sunday. It was a great day and I can't wait for Stockton Weekender now.

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  1. What fun, darling!
    So glad you loved that Loewe bear purse :)



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