Cruise Fashion : Top Three Picks

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cruise Fashion Top three picks

Sometimes... just sometimes I like to torture myself and this is what I decided to do earlier today. In the next few weeks I have several events coming up and unlike most bloggers, I actually don't have a lot of clothes! So despite the fact I'm really trying super hard to save my money to pay for important things like rent, bills and food I decided a new dress was in order.

Of course I had a look on Topshop and ASOS but sometimes it's nice to have something a little different and I love to try and support North East businesses wherever possible. So I headed over to Cruise and promptly fell head over heels in love with this Michael Kors Shirt Dress! It's exactly what I was looking for - anyone who knows me or reads Girl in the North regularly will be laughing now - I'm so predictable! I love dark colours and basic shapes.

Did I stop there though? Of course not! So today's post is my top three picks from Cruise's website. I've actually never seen Michael Kors fashion line until today even though I love his watches. Whilst day dreaming about the perfect dress, I spotted some bracelets by my favourite designer Marc by Marc Jacobs! Again in true predictable Katy style, they're neutral but I love them because they'll go with literally anything. Finally what outfit is complete without some gorgeous shoes, these beauties are going to have to stay on my wish list at £195 but I love them still.

I'm still busy torturing myself on the Cruise website and choosing my 'if I won the lottery wardrobe.' A girl can dream - what would you choose?

Michael Kors Bowen Shoes £195 | Michael Kors Chain Lace Shirt Dress £195 | Marc by Marc Jacobs Cluster Bracelet £25


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