Serendipity Tea Shop : Sunderland

Saturday, 26 January 2013

This week I have been unable to go anywhere due to the snow at my parents. As you'll see from the previous post they live on a farm on hilly land out in the sticks and when it snows... it really goes for it. So if you think you had it bad digging your driveway out, you have no idea! My Mom's birthday was this week so we decided to dig our way out. Dad got his tractor out for the drive way and out came the spades, once we'd cleared the path ways, entrance to the garage & defrosted the automatic garage door which had frozen shut, we carefully made our way out to the main road taking a bag of salt in the boot of my car just in case.

I was also signing some paperwork for my new apartment so we headed for a girly shopping day in Sunderland. So after 2 hours worth of Debenhams and a lengthy visit to M&S, we'd both worked up quite a hunger. Now I know I've wrote about Serendipity before but it's now one of my favourite teashops in the North East.

I'm always at a loss as what to order when I go in because the menus sound so delicious. After umming and ahhing we ordered a pot of 'Nana's Cure for All' between the two of us, Mom chose eggs benedict and I went with a yummy New York style bacon and chicken sandwich. Tummies full we managed to squeeze in a piece of freshly made coconut cake and polished off another pot of tea before having a wander in the gift shop.

There is such a wide mix of gifts available, it's the perfect place to pick up a present for that hard to buy for person. If you're a local you'll love the 'mackem mugs' and 'Roker' tote bags. The best thing is it's all really affordable too!

If you want to visit Serendipity they're based in Frederick St. in Sunderland and are open 9 - 4 with a late night (till 7pm) on Thursdays - make sure you try their vintage cocktails! You can drop in or pre-book by giving them a ring on 078723933704 - make sure you let them know Girl in the North sent you!


  1. This place looks lovely, will definitely be trying Nan's Cure For All if I'm ever up North! xxx

  2. This is so pretty! This is definitely how tea-shops should be - I love the tea cups x

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  4. Love you blog. This looks like such a cute place!
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