North East Snow Day

Thursday, 24 January 2013

North East Snow - Coco's Dog Wax Jacket

Girl in the Snowy North

I wasn't going to bother doing a 'snow' post as you're probably sick of reading them by now however I am still snowed in and have nowhere to go and nothing to write about! Thankfully I'm currently waiting to start my new job so I don't have anywhere I really need to be. I have therefore been enjoying my time off warming my toes in front of the fire and playing in our fields with my brother snowboarding and sledging. A small perk of living on a farm means we have lots of hills and the snow drifts are up to at least three feet.

Coco isn't liking the snow quite as much - she refuses to go out unless she's wearing her wax jacket! Coco is my Mom's dog if you didn't know already and she's spoilt rotten - she has a Barbour Wax Coat but because it tends to get quite dirty on the farm, my Mom bought her this one from Muddy Paws which she doesn't mind if it gets covered!

Until the snow hurries up and disappears I don't have a lot of news. I'm just busy reading by the fire and resisting the urge to online shop! How have you been keeping busy in the snow? And if you have any new book recommendations, please leave a comment below!


  1. you have the cutest dog ever!
    lovely blog. now following and looking forward to more posts :)

  2. DOG! What a gorgeous little creature. So strange seeing all these snowy pics from back home, I had trouble sleeping last night in the 35 degree heat!!!

  3. oh my!!! the puppy is so cute! awwww


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