Christmas in Sunderland 2012

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Events in Sunderland, North East

There are a few things which symbolise the start of Christmas for me; seeing the Coca Cola lorry advert, the first Terry's Chocolate Orange of the year and the Christmas lights switch on! Growing up in the countryside, we obviously didn't have a lights switch on so I'm not sure if that's the reason I love it so much but like the magpie I am, every year since moving to Sunderland I've made the excuse to go see all things twinkly and sparkly at the official event.

So last Wednesday was no different! I dragged Mr.A along into town with me and headed towards Mowbray Park with a lovely hot chocolate to keep me warm. I am a self-confessed full on Christmas Geek, I love nothing better than carol singing, wooly mittens and mulled wine all of which were on offer. And Sunderland has really up'd it's game this year with the fairy lights.. they're everywhere and the fireworks were just spectacular.

I thought I'd probably be on a bit of a festive come down afterwards but I picked up programme of events on the way home and started mentally making note of everything I want to go before Christmas. There is all sorts on in the run up to the 25th and then even more events in the New Year to help keep the kids entertained. So far I've added, the Farmers Market, blow a bauble and Christmas craft fair's at the Minster to my list. Not to mention I'm hoping to see the lightweight (an art/light installation) in Mowbray Park on Dec 1st!

If you're looking for things to do in the North East this Christmas then check out the Christmas in Sunderland 2012 programme, I guarantee you'll find something to keep you busy! Enjoy and let me know what you get up to in the comments below!


  1. Hot chocolate sounds good right about now :)


    1. Drinking another one right now! I'm an addict x

  2. I love Christmas light switch ons - they're so exciting!!

    1. Me too! I'm like a child when it comes to Christmas x


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