Halloween : Corpse Bride Outfit

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Halloween Corpse Bride Outfit

North East Halloween

To be perfectly honest, this Halloween, other than decorating my desk at work with a pumpkin and an abundance of sweets for all the Mediaworks staff - I'm not actually getting up to much. A and I are going to carve pumpkins on Monday for the house and I've got my special Halloween Candy Corn Yankee candle at the ready but I have no exciting plans to dress up this year.

While I was at Sunderland uni, fancy dress was pretty much a uniform! From Barbie to Spiderman... I've pretty much tried everything as a fancy dress outfit but my favourite has always been when I was Corpse Bride. I struck lucky in my first year when I walked into the British Heart Foundation charity shop on the hunt for a bargain bag - I instead found a full length handmade wedding dress with lace sleeves and collar. It was gorgeous and I felt really bad when I took it home and chopped the bottom off!

Halloween Sleeping Corpse Bride Outfit

If you wanted to recreate this, the first battle is to find a wedding dress! Once you have this, I chopped off the bottom and used part of the lace to create a veil that I made by super gluing it to a plain headband. Though you can't really tell from the photos, I actually used temporary blue hair dye and for the final accessories found some black flowers in Dr Funkenstein in Sunderland. The trick to the make-up was a friend who studied film and had a bit of an obsession with zombies... full credit goes to him for the impressive dead look!

That night we headed into town and danced all night until my feet were sore and I couldn't stay awake any longer - I ended up falling asleep downstairs resulting in a rather scary dead Katy photo. It was a great night out!

There is loads to do in the North East for Halloween and though most of the out on the town events have happened this weekend, there is still lots to do on the 31st one of which is The Jameson Cult Film Club which is showing Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula in Newcastle. Tickets are free and upon allocation you'll be told a meeting point and met by a cloaked figure! It's all a bit too scary for me on a school night but if you're in the North East and ready for a scary night apply online for tickets now. Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Amazing costume, darling ~ love it!


  2. Its true that fancy dress is pretty much a uniform while you're at Uni! I'm studying at Sheffield and I swear that people have been dressed up for halloween for the past week already, so much fun! That's an AWESOME costume!

    1. Haha yes! I went into many a lecture stained with face paint from the night before! & thank you :)

  3. I love your corpse bride - can't believe you found a dress in a charity shop and LOVE that you actually dyed your hair as well! I wanted to go as Sarah from The Labyrinth this year, but after the dress I was bidding on on eBay went to £250 I called it a day given that it was an ugly 80's puff sleeve affair! :( Going as a tiger instead, but really that's a last minute thrown together plan - hopefully next year I can come up with something better!!

    1. Aww thank you! & what a great idea for a costume you had?!! It's a shame it went but I bet the 80's puff sleeve affair is just as fun! Hope you have a great Halloween x

  4. aww I love this outfit! I'm not sure whether or not I'm out yet on Wed but you can guarantee it'll be a pretty poor effort costume if I do dress up!



    1. I'm not on Wednesday, it's a school night :( but I deffo think next year we should arrange a party! x


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