Split Festival : Free Film Friday

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Last Friday A and I headed to Split Festival's Free Film Friday organised by Sunderland Live. Held in Ashbrooke Cricket Clubs grounds it was rather surreal walking in the dark into a very quiet music festival site. Flags floated above us and everyone was settled in front of the big screens watching School of Rock.

We had a bit of a nosey round the various fashion and vintage stalls before heading to the food quarter where we picked up some amazing 'Sweet Home Alabama' mix ups and had a cheeky glass of rose at the wine bar. It was a lovely night and thankfully not too cold either. We headed back after the film and I spotted this infamous bollard that almost everyone in the North East has instagrammed!

It was such a lovely night and it's made me really excited for all the events on the run up to Christmas that happen in the City. On Friday I'm heading to Roker Park Lights Switch On to get my fix of fairy lights! You can never have too many fairy lights in my eyes and these have been inspired by Alice in Wonderland and other fairytales. My only hope is that there will be toffee apples too!


  1. How wonderful, darling!
    So fun!


  2. so awesome!!

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