Roker Park Lights : Sunderland

Sunday, 30 September 2012

On Friday evening something a little amazing happened in the North East, The Sunderland Illuminations returned! Well kind of... one of my favourite parks in this city are playing host to all the best bits of the old seafront illuminations and it looks magical.

A and I entered the park from one of the back gates near a fountain where SAFC's entrance music, Dance of the Knight's was playing - very apt for Mr.A! It was rather patriotic indeed and the rest of the park was glowing... with the waterfalls sparkling and fairytale themed lights hidden in corners. Not to mention candy floss and hot chocolate stalls around the bandstand.

It did get rather busy indeed as we walked further in but it was opening night so we popped for a cheeky drink by the seafront until the crowds had dispersed and then headed back through the park. It looks amazing and it's a lovely place just to go have for a wander and clear your mind.

Now I'm not a native Sunderland'er and I only visited the original Illuminations once when I was four, nor do my photos do it justice, but the Roker Park Lights are definitely well worth a trip to see. They're on until November 10th with the park staying open late until 9.30pm. Just make sure you don't forget your camera!


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