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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunderland Uni Freshers 2012

There is a photo taken several years back at my friend James' house in Durham, of my group of friends where just after the photo was taken, had a conversation with one of them which went something like... "So this is it, now everything is about to change." And it did, we all headed off to universities all over the country.

Some of you will have seen I now write for DN Magazine for Sunderland Uni and by the time I'd had that conversation above I'd already done one year at Durham and had won a scholarship to study at CSM. When my funds couldn't keep me in London any longer, I came back up North and worked in Durham to save to go back to uni. About a week after that night at James' my really good friend at the time, Myke moved to Sunderland Uni. I was taking a year out to save up and this was my first experience of the city.

Myke had invited a few of us to a party in his halls of residence, Panns Bank and what a crazy night it was! Everyone was so friendly and approachable and we made it out into town and didn't get in until the early hours the next day.

This is how I came to choose a local(ish) university, despite getting into several around the country. I thought Sunderland would be the best choice as I ended up spending the majority of my weekends there anyway!

Sunderland University Advertising & Design

My first column for DN was all about 'Advice to my younger fresher self' and I kind of repeated that this year too for the new September issue but I wanted to do this post to prove it was all real! That I did infact once throw up in a blonde boys hair at a David Bowie party, live with four boys in the first year and twisted my ankle at the roller disco at Campus/North Shore! It was all worth it though and I had some amazing times. So much so that after I graduated, I came back here from London to be with A.

I started Sunderland Uni on the Advertising and Design course before switching in my final year to Graphic Communication and Design. The classes aren't huge in the design centre so the competition was fierce but we were like a little family and I even popped out for lunch with two friends from my course, Ross and Eve just yesterday!

If you're about to come to start Sunderland University this year, you've made a great choice and make sure you find a copy of DN magazine and read my column. Hopefully you'll find this blog post as useful as the magazine!

Sunderland University Equestrian Society

As I say in my column one of the best things I can recommend to do is join every society you can. Equestrian was my favorite because I loved riding already but it's a great way to make new friends and keep fit!

The other thing I recommend is: get a job! I was already at Starbucks when I started and luckily the Sunderland store opened as I started uni. People of the North East are incredibly friendly and they don't tend to have the students vs locals nights out. Everyone just mixes and I actually made some of my best friends through my job and had some of the craziest nights out.

Sunderland University

Sunderland University

Finally go all out, don't be boring and don't hold back. Get dressed up as Spiderman for the superheroes house party you're going to and dance like no one is watching. No one remembers the nights you went home to bed early! And I guarantee you Sunderland will be the best Halloween Party you've ever had: My favourite year was when I was Corpse Bride!

Sunderland University Teen Vogue

The social side of things really is just the beginning... then there is the opportunities that open up. If you check my blog history you'll be able to read all about my time at Teen Vogue, not to mention the amazing agencies I got to visit over my academic years.

Sunderland University Advertising and Design

I'm not going to lie to you, it's not easy - you will at some point end up looking like me in the above picture! There are a lot of people who come to university and assume everything should be handed to them on a plate and they are wrong. Chase lecturers if you need to see them, don't expect to see them sat at the top of the class waiting for you and make the most of the facilities available. Work hard and get the most out of the uni for the money you're paying. Finally enjoy it and let me know how you get on if you're starting as a fresher this year!


  1. Such a great post for anyone who's a fresher this year! Loved reading it :)

    Rhiannon xxx

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm glad you think so! xxx

  2. Great article, excellent advice for prospective students and freshers.

    David Turton
    Digital Marketing Manager, University of Sunderland.

    1. Thanks David! Really nice to know you found & read it... thank you :)


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