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Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Wearmouth Bridge, Sunderland, North East England

Morning Startbucks by Girl in the North Blog

Life has been pretty busy lately, so I thought rather than doing a post on workwear or my meetings I've been in, that I'd do a quick insight into what the 'Girl in the North' gets up to off duty! So here goes... despite all the bad weather the North East has had, I've been waking up to really sunny skies in Sunderland! The Wearmouth Bridge always looks pretty to me but it's especially nice down by the river when the weather is good. Before work I usually grab a coffee and sit on the balcony watching the world wake up.

New Boots, Fashion - Girl in the North

Girl in the North Countryside

Post-work this week I spent an evening food shopping in Sainsburys (not very exciting), another having a lovely meal with A (review to come later) and then I went on a shopping spree to the Washington Galleries. It's not somewhere I normally shop but I needed new black jeans and it was on my way home from work.

I found my jeans in Outfit for a cracking £25 but I also left with two new shirts, a blazer and a pair of boots. Ooops, the Boots are amazing though and for those of you who haven't liked them on my instagram already - I'm sure you'll agree they're lush!

Friday's I'm lucky enough to finish at 4pm at work and it was a beautiful evening so I popped the top down on my mini and drove home with my ray ban's on. I've come to stay at my parents for the weekend on their farm so I've been helping with my Mom's boarding kennel business and going for long walks up our fields. It's so peaceful here - I love it. Beats the hustle and bustle during week in the city.


  1. Fabulous pics!
    Love those wedges!


  2. I love the Hunter boots! I've been wanting green ones for a while :)

    x. jill
    all 196 countries

  3. Oh my those brown boots are de-li-cious! I really want a pair of hunter wellies but since I'm going to Australia soon I can't really justify it.

    1. Farmers markets! Honestly I think that pair cost my Dad a tenner! I have a pair in every colour haha, I remember seeing them in Office for £80 & thinking I should sell them on ebay... I'd make a fortune! x

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I loved them at first sight and it was even better when I realised they were only £20! x

  5. The wedges are nice! Perfect for autumn too! Now I want a pair too :) X

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