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Saturday, 11 August 2012

The lovely Frances nominated me for a Leibster Blog Award! Now I didn't really know too much about this, I tried to research it last year and couldn't find much information or it's origination. So I did some more research and I came to the conclusion it seems the Liebster is for those who don't have millions of readers and is about been nice to a few of them. There are a few rules you have to abide by which are answering the nominated questions, thanking your nominator and nominating a few people you also feel worthy... so here goes!

1. If you could invite any four people to dinner, who would you invite?
My fellow nominees Hannah,Hannah,Hannah,Hannah, Jo, Mia, Kay and of course Frances!

2. Favourite thing about Great Britain?
Our Royal Family, no one else has a Royal Family quite like it. I love the fact they're willing to show they're real people and have a sense of humour too!

3. Childhood quirk? (stealing that one, I like it)
As in one I had? I used to invent stories. I never had a normal day at school, I always used to think my parents would think I was really boring so I used to make up exciting things... I was always going to be a creative!

4. Tell me one thing you wish you were better at. (And that one)
Maths! I'm appalling at maths... numbers terrify me.

5. Name one place in the world you want to visit/go back to and why.
New York. I went during uni and spent time in a couple of advertising agencies and Teen Vogue with my friend Zoe. It was an amazing time and the weather was just perfect. I wish I could repeat that time over and over again again.

6. Sunrise or sunset?
As long as it's sunny, I like both.

7. Favourite thing about blogging?
The ability to help people and businesses.

8. Favourite song/artist right now?
Coldplay. Since seeing them at The Stadium of Light I've been addicted.

9. Favourite olympic sport?
I love horse-riding and my absolute favourite to watch is dressage.

10. If you could choose a decade to live in, e.g. the fifties, sixties or seventies etc, which would you choose and why?
The sixties... just because everyone seems so sure this was the best decade to live through - I'd want to see if they're all telling the truth.

11. Winter or summer?
Depends if we're talking fashion - winter. If we're talking weather - summer.

I nominate: Alice, Emma, Katherine & Victoria and because this post is long enough, just use the questions from Frances above!


  1. I love our royal family too, and OH MY GOSH YOU WORKED AT AD AGENCIES AND TEEN VOGUE IN NEW YORK! You are officially the coolest person I know! (sort of, on the basis I don't really know you :L!)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hahaha thank you! Check this out - it was an amazing place! I'm hoping to go back next year but for a proper tourist type holiday! :)

  2. Fun tag, darling!
    Love your redponses!



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