The Queen's Visit to Sunderland & the North East

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Guest post by Diamond Jubilee Exhibition Competition Winner, Natasha of NLC Beauty.

I got quite the surprise when I received a lovely letter through the post informing me I’d won a pair of tickets to a special VIP preview of the Sunderland Diamond Jubilee Exhibition; all thanks to Katy’s blog may I add! I applied and won after finding the link to the competition on her Jubilee post. The beauty of blogging ey?!

Sunderland Diamond Jubilee Competition Winners

I invited my grandmother along for a trip down memory lane and the day got off to an early start, we were escorted from the Winter Gardens to the Port of Sunderland to welcome Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh.

The Leander entering Sunderland Port

Armed with our Union Jack flags we watched as the super-yacht, Leander glided into the Port, such a spectacular sight. The red carpet was laid down ready as we all waited in anticipation to see the lady herself. Bets were taken as to what colour she’d opt for, my money was on lemon, however we were all wrong. She stepped onto dry land in a long orange coat and hat by Stewart Parvin, looking simply exquisite. We were also lucky enough to have a fly-past from a Vulcan bomber, ahead of the Sunderland Air Show this weekend.

We were then allocated into smaller groups to view the exhibition, after The Queen had a special tour of course.

North East Couples celebrating their Diamond Jubilee with the Queen

A series of marquees lead us through every decade since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952, starting with a 1950’s street party seating seven couples from Sunderland who are celebrating their own Diamond wedding anniversaries, onto a football themed 1960’s with a sneaky peak into the England dressing room!

For the 70s we were greeted with cakes and cheese bread where you could watch footage projected onto white sheets hanging from a washing line of the Silver Jubilee celebrations. We stepped back in time to visit the first Sunderland International Airshow in 1988, with a rather impressive replica of Roker Beach, then came the 90’s which saw Sunderland come alive with new buildings and City Status. We joined in with Millennium celebrations and had some delicious nibbles courtesy of Junipers Pantry. Finally we caught up with time and re-joined the 2010’s, with an Olympic and Jubilee theme, we even played Queen and had our photograph taken wearing a crown in a carriage. Pictures to follow I’m sure...

It was such a wonderful morning, the exhibition showcasing some of the City’s proudest moments. There is plenty to explore and get involved with; the pop-up museum is suitable for adults and children alike. A proud day for the North East.


  1. aww it looks like you both had a lovely time!


    1. We did! It was an amazing day :) xx


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