The Diamond Jubilee

Saturday, 2 June 2012

If you haven't already made plans for this weekend and you're in the North East, then this is the blog post for you! Now us British all love a good excuse for a party and we all complain that St George's Day isn't a bank holiday - so really, we should be making the most of our Queen's Diamond Jubilee!

Good old Sunderland (where I shall be staying for the majority of the Diamond Jubilee has come up trumps with a fantastic programme of events on Monday, including live music, outdoor feature films and a huge fireworks display all from Seaburn Beach. The events are all to be held at Cliffe Park but if you need to stretch your legs, I recommend a walk down the recently renovated promenade to the fairground rides!

Sadly I'm back off home to my parents during the daytime but I shall be back in time for the evening. A and I have planned a walk along the beach with a hot chocolate to watch the fireworks display! The events run from 1pm until 10.30pm and it's all completely free!

Obviously no one is ever going to beat London in the bunting trumps (I like how they've recycled from the Royal Wedding last year) but we can try. If you decide to throw a last minute house/garden party, these pretty honeycomb tissue balls and notecards are from Papermash but if you can't get your hands on these in time, run to your local supermarket quick!

The part of the long weekend I am most looking forward to is above. I'm off to Serendipity with Hannah on Tuesday for a very regal themed afternoon tea which is just £12! The last I heard places were filling up fast so give them a ring quick and book in!

If you're not really a fan of the beach or your not near Sunderland then check out here to find out what's on in Newcastle and here for Durham. If you want to let me know about your event for the Jubilee please send details to here. Hope you all have amazing weekends!


  1. Isn't it awesome! I am loving all the celebrations here! I watched them on the river themes today too! I really like your blog, it would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England too) as I post my outfits and more. I also have a contest running right now where you can win a cuddles the hedgehog necklace :) :)

    1. Thanks dear, I'll definitely check it out :)

  2. Amazing pics!
    Hope you had a wonderful time!


    1. Thank you! Hopefully the fireworks tonight will be the best bit!

      Hope you had a lovely weekend x


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