Diamond Jubilee Celebrations : The North East

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

There is clearly going to be a million blog posts like this with pictures of bunting and union jack themed dogs, cats, cupcakes etc but I wanted to show you what you missed if you decided to make alternative plans to my jubilee bank holiday ideas in the North East post!

A and I took a walk along the seafront last night to Cliffe Park where a big screen had been showing films during the day and live bands were playing. We grabbed a hot chocolate from one of the stands and first headed to the edge of the park where the moon was rising right next to Roker Pier. It looked fantastic and was bright orange - my poor iphone camera couldn't really cope however! The crowds had already started to gather at the beacon so we headed over to it and listened to the last of the band that were playing. Once the beacon was lit, it was on with the fireworks display which was again over the top of Roker Pier. It was such a great setting and despite the chill in the air, the masses of people seemed very happy to be there! We dashed home to catch the end of The Diamond Jubilee concert on the TV and I watched Stevie Wonder on repeat till bedtime.

Today Hannah and I had booked for afternoon tea at Serendipity and I have decided this needs a post all to itself because it was just fantastic. I ate so much and we even got a special Serendipity cupcake to take away with us! It was so good, I'm going to treat my Mom to lunch there before we see Coldplay on Thursday. If you're in the North East you can walk into Serendipity as they have plenty of tables and lots of room but if you'd like to book in advance call 0191 510 0054.


  1. Fun pics!
    Love those cupcakes!


    1. Thank you, they were delicious! xx

  2. thanks so much for your comment, love these pictures !!



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