NE1's NFW : Barbour

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Today Hannah and I headed to NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week for the exclusive Barbour show which was introduced by guest presenter Brix Smith-Start. The collection featured plenty of Barbour's classic pieces and really focussed on the wearability of the items.

Everything from Barbour's classic Liberty to Liddesdale pieces made an appearance on the runway... even their Heritage dog tee! I spotted so many things that I wanted! Hannah and I were that taken with one of the scarves that we even went straight to Fenwicks after the show. Thankfully everything in Barbour that was featured in the show was ticketed with "NE1's Newcastle Fashion Week" so it was really easy to find the pieces we were looking for.

After the show, Hannah and I had a lovely chat with Helen Barbour and then interviewed Brix Smith-Start. I'm going to do a proper interview post later because both ladies had some excellent advice and words and I'm shattered from such a brilliant day out. In the mean time, here are a few photos from the day taken by Idene.


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    1. Aw haha she was lovely! I just spotted the dip dye shorts on your blog & I'm super jealous of them!


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