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Monday, 14 May 2012

I’m a bit late in posting this as usual but this is the latest issue of my column for DN Magazine. There is only one more issue before the end of the year and thankfully DN’s Editor, Lee is been kept on for another year! I’m keeping my fingers crossed this will mean I can keep writing the column but if not, what an amazing year it has been and such a great experience writing for the publication. It has opened up so many opportunities for me and I cannot thank Lee enough for the opportunity.

The latest issue which you can read online here was to all to do with sports and I really thought I'd struggle with the subject as I'm not a very sporty person... or at least I don't think I am! Since writing the column, I've actually made a decision to be more healthy and have joined the gym. I've swapped my morning coffee for peppermint tea and I'm generally eating a lot better. It's not because I think I'm fat, I would just rather lead a healthier life and I already feel better for it!

As usual, I've been super busy and when I haven't been at work, I've been completing some freelance projects. I have found the time however to attend two vintage fairs and purchase some lovely new things which I will have to post about. Also my friends Emma and Yasmin who rave about this restaurant, took me to try out Borneo Bistro which was deliciou and finally this week, I am off to the ballet in Newcastle with Hannah - so I have no excuses for nothing to post about!

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