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Friday, 27 April 2012

Finally having a full time job and less financial commitments has allowed me to have some spare income to treat myself. Though I'm not rolling in the dosh just yet, it's nice to be able to - after not having anything while at uni! To be able to get some lovely new shoes from Topshop and a bag that fits my laptop in for work from Dorothy Perkins seems like a bit of a luxury to me at least.

This month I also visited the Wear Valley Food Festival with my Mom. We bought lots of delicious food and spent ten minutes enjoying our chocolate covered strawberries in Auckland Castle.

To top a lovely month off, I had my eyebrows not quite HD'd but an alternative method at Olympia Beauty. I was really paranoid about having this done because when I was younger, I was bitten by a dog on my face. Thankfully been a youngster at the time and having a talented surgeon look after me, the evidence is barely noticeable. Only my Harry Potter style lightening bolt scar above my eyebrow stands out and also my eyebrows grow the wrong wrong way at the ends. This is because of the way my skin was pinned (sorry for anyone squeamish). From a distance, it can't really be seen but I was sure having them dyed would result in them looking silly. However my beautician Emma, reminded me of the Olsen twins and

reassured me she wouldn't go overboard. I was really pleased with the result and I still haven't drawn them in once yet.

In other news, work mainly looks like the above at the moment - lots of coffee, tea and lots of learning new things. My new DN magazine column comes out next week and the freelance work is rolling in. I'm more busy than ever before and I didn't think that was possible.

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  1. those strawberries look delicious!

    Hannah xx



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