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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Inspired by Laura Fantacci's WIT blog, this post is a peak into my working wardrobe! The title is a bit of a lie, since today is actually Sunday and it has been snowing - therefore I am actually currently wearing a hoodie and jeans whilst lounging around the apartment as I am not feeling too well.

Last weekend, I finally invested in an iphone! My old faithful blackberry gave up on me and all I could do was call people, which isn't particularly helpful when a large part of my role is social media. I am now completely addicted to every camera application available to me, so no doubt posts from now on will heavily feature Instagram and Hipstamatic photos. This makes me feel a little bit of a fraud, especially as a creative who loves photography but it simply isn't practical for me to carry my digital slr everywhere with me now I am no longer a student.

Anyway, back to the original topic. On Wednesday, the sun came out in the North East and our office is mainly made of glass, so it was boiling. It was absolutely beautiful having a taste of spring, so I wore my H&M black pinafore dress and a brown Topshop rope belt and black ballet shoes. The good weather continued up to Friday and I spent the rest of the week wearing my orange/peach Topshop ballet shoes. These are the comfiest flat shoes I own and I love them, so much I have my heart set on getting the pink and lilac ones this week.

In case you missed my post from the other week, make sure you go check out my piece I wrote for Etc Magazine on my three best beauty tips and also, make sure you grab a copy of DN magazine to read my latest column or read it online. Finally my last piece of news and possibly the most exciting... I have being asked to write for a new publication called Northern Degrees, which I'm over the moon about. More information on this soon!

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