Michael van der Ham : LFW

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Unfortunately I didn't plan far enough in advance this season, meaning I didn't get to go to London Fashion Week! However I stayed up to date with the shows either via the online streams or blogger coverage. At the moment, I'm seeing a lot of round up posts or wind down one's even so instead of showing a mixture of photos from the event - I decided to just pick my absolute one favourite show.

Michael van der Ham in my opinion ticked every box for me. I love seeing things I could imagine actually wearing, not necessarily the whole outfit but either the print or style etc. There is not one thing in the whole collection, I wouldn't say no to. It makes me want hollywood hair and well the Christian Louboutin shoes don't even need a mention do they! As for the clothes, it makes me excited for December already - I'd best start saving now as I'm already planning where I can wear one of those embellished short shift dresses!

ps. Thanks for the photos Topshop!

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