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Friday, 24 February 2012

I was planning on doing my next blog post on London Fashion Week but that will have to wait till tomorrow. Earlier this week the lovely Alison Goulding approached me on twitter to see if I was interested in writing a piece for Etc Magazine.

I jumped at the chance and within a couple days my tips (or my Mum's) were up online on the website.

Writing was always one of my strengths at school and a few things happened this week which made me realise I really need to concentrate on making sure my spelling and grammar stays strong. It is easy to get lazy when writing and especially working in an environment which uses so much technology. The whole experience has made me very excited to see the next issue of DN Magazine in print! I must remember to go and pick up a copy this weekend. In the mean time if you're sick of pictures of LFW models and like looking at cute horses, you should take a look at Alison's blog!

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