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Friday, 23 December 2011

I probably should have shared this a long time before Christmas and not two days before however I have been ridiculously busy, my excuse as always. Better late than never, Nuji is a social wishlisting service. I didn't use it for a few months after receiving the invite and then got addicted in the run up to Christmas and it's made my parents life a lot easier too as they never know what to buy me!

You can follow my Nuji here and then in the same way that all social sites work re-tag and post to your hearts content. What I love about Nuji is how simple and clean the layout is and how easy it is to buy from, just click through the product to be taken to the products page. Easy peasy and completely addictive!

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  1. Ooh what an awesome site! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas - wishing you all the best in 2012! :)



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