Countryside Chic : An outfit post (of sorts)

Saturday, 3 September 2011

For those of you who don't know, I grew up on a farm. There is a photo of me rocking Hunter Wellies and my Dad's Barbour waistcoat completed by a riding hat when I was around 5 somewhere in my parents house, long before it ever became fashionable. I was never into the countryside much, I liked my horse and that was about as excited as I could get about it. My parents used to joke I was swapped at birth because I was so unlike them. I've learned to embrace the countryside though and now I live in a city, I appreciate going back to it so much more.

Which is how I ended up at Wolsingham Agricultural Show today, (it's a very pretty place - see here.) family in toe to support prize winning chickens! Wolsingham Show is small in comparison to some of the others but after trailing round the animals, watching the gymkhana etc I lovelovelove wandering around the craft tents, farmers market and having a go on the waltzers!

So I guess this is an outfit post of sorts. My staple hunter wellies from aphrodite - I cannot live without these. They are very muddy! My Dad is a firm believer in, if your wellies aren't dirty, you haven't been working hard enough. The jeans are Levi's 510s, and the oversized chunky knit jumper is from primark! It always rains post August in the North East so I keep the green waterproof jacket which rolls into the tiniest ball ever & folds into it's pocket in my mulberry roxanne which you can't really see because it's under my arm!

I stayed at my parents for a cup of tea after we'd been and went to see there new litter of puppies because they're growing so quickly! I tend to be quite boring how I dress but then go over the top with accessories so I'm wearing massive gold flower engraved hoops from Matalan. A few weeks ago I went a bit crazy & bought loads from there. It's one of my favourite stores at the moment.

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