Leeds Festival: Trendspotting

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

My lovely bosses were kind enough to send me off to Leeds Festival to do some 'trend researching' the other day. So off I tootled with my friends Yasmin, Davie, Scott and Ben to spend a day in the sun enjoying some really good music. Oh and spotting some fashion trends!

I haven't really got a full outfit picture but I wore Topshop Leigh Jeans, vintage vest/bra thing, Topshop white T, standard Ray Ban's & hunter wellies. I'm a big fan of layers at Festivals, (I get cold easily, unlike Yasmin I bailed on my shorts) so I also wore my check shirt is my Mom's from the 80's and a Gap hoodie. At one point it did start to rain but our friends at Rare-Ape had a stall and Emily kindly lent me a blue mac to wear for the day! Yasmin also wears a pink vintage jumper from Rare Ape and Ben is decked out in Barbour!

We saw all sorts of bands and consumed lots of vodka and coke. We saw some funny things including a guy wearing the above trousers... not one for the book of trends book! My friends all secured a life long dream of seeing The Strokes live (lucky me had already seen them) and with a minor incident of loosing Davie in Leeds, we came home for some much needed sleep.. in a BED! Though next year I've decided I want to camp in one of the pod/sheds Vice magazine did. They look pretty swish!


  1. Let's not forget getting covered in urine. Definitely my favourite part....... Xx

  2. Haha that guys trousers are pretty funky. Nice post, hope you enjoyed Leeds Fest.
    Please check out my Leeds Fest fancy dress best bits :)

  3. Haha yeahh not the best bit of it Yas! But fun non the less xx


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