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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It only took me five years, three universities and a hell of a lot of hard work but I finally graduated. I will admit there are some things I'd love to change but everyone makes mistakes right?! And everything definitely happens for a reason.

Meet my little brother by the way everyone, Adam (aka the Alan Carr lookalike), he came with my parents to the ceremony which was at the Stadium of Light. It was an excellent day, the weather was perfect and we had some really nice food. I wore (not that you can tell from this photo) a Miss Selfridge dress and my late Grandma's vintage shoes, they were the perfect heel height for the day. Vicky kindly came & did my make up for me, she's now available for freelance work so get in touch with her. After the ceremony we went for a meal and I got changed to go out in town with my friends.

Unfortunately graduation symbolized the end of an era, or a Truffle PR era at least! My final major project sparked the interest of several companies around the UK who got in contact to find out what work was inside those boxes. Despite being ready to move to London (completely packed) to work with Truffle PR and take on some other placements, I received an offer I simply couldn't refuse late on Thursday which meant I'm staying North! I begin work at Aphrodite next Monday as their new online/social media whizz kid and I'm thrilled. I love menswear and the brands they sell.

I will miss the Truffle girls and London more than anything but I am excited for new times and challenges! As well as a new job, I have been approached to write my own column in DN magazine and have been consulting on some interesting and exciting forth coming fashion projects in the North East - keep your eyes peeled for more information.


  1. Dude... please will you show us what was in the boxes already!!

  2. Wowser. Your own column, a new job, consulting?
    CONGRATULATIONSSSS love on your graduation! And all these exciting new projects.

    And I agree with the above - please please and please? x

  3. Haha I would show you all in the boxes but I haven't had chance to take photos & they're stuck at uni now.

    Basically they were boards with my work on & on the reverse I printed QR codes & used bit.ly links to send whoever scanned to a complete separate final major project website which had all the information about them. Will take photos soon.

    Thankyouuuuu x

  4. congrats on graduation, its brilliant that you heard by few companies and they were interested what's inside your final major project box, looks myseterious, hope you are enjoying working at Aphrodite


    Vasare x


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