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Saturday, 23 July 2011

I never assumed that once my university life was over that this blog would continue but having thought about it, it seems silly just to stop writing especially when there is so many new things to record and remember. I have never claimed to be a writer until now, when I have submitted two pieces of freelance work and being given my own column to write. Whatever happens I don't want to be classed as one of those 'pretentious bloggers' or end up making myself out to be someone I'm not.

While working in London at The Soho Collective I was asked via twitter to attend a launch party for a new fashion line called Client. Unfortunately I already had meetings planned for the evening and couldn't attend however I was sent the lookbook and press release. The girl Beth who was emailing me described Client as 'think Stalin's secretary meets a spy down an alleyway in Berlin, whilst listening to French techno!' This obviously tickled me and I immediately popped on some French techno.

Having completely forgot about this happening, I received a package in the post the other day with some 'Client' cosmetics. So thank you very much to Client for sending those over, I have taken a few photos and will do a cheeky post later as the packaging is fab but for now the above is a kiss for client, note I never normally wear anything on my lips but I love the lip gloss they sent!

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