Final Major Project = Finished

Saturday, 4 June 2011

I handed in my final major project on Friday and all I got was this stupid photo. No. Really. In my mad panic to get everything done on time I forgot to photograph the contents, so all I have is this not very clear blackberry photo of the two mysterious boxes.

To be fair, I designed it all to have an air of mystery and a little bit of cheekiness to it.. I mean my name is Trouble after all! I just hope I got the right level of cheek and the tutors/external examiner people aren't too insulted/shocked by it.

It felt like a huge weight had being lifted for all of an hour. To top 'hand in week' off, I got some horrid food poisoning, had to move out of my flat (to my parents an hour away) & my car broke. Oh not to mention the first lot of printers emailing me to say some of my items wouldn't be ready till the 8th, the second lot of printers printing my book wrong and a rather risky incident with an iron, ribbon and my info-graphic poster. I survived to tell the tale though and on the drive home, Kanye West - Stronger came on the radio! Hah. The hard work doesn't stop now though, I'm frantically faffing with websites and preparing for my viva (Alan Sugar style presentation) next Monday. I absolutely cannot wait for next Monday now, to be finished for good and to prepare for my London move. Anyone want to hire me?! :)


  1. Your FMP looks very swish!
    I hand mine in tomorrow, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted already. :)

  2. i bet your glad its all done & dusted x

  3. Thank you both! I'm so happy it's all in just wish I had had more time to work on it more! x

  4. wow love your blog, everything what I do i'm doing graphic design as well so reading your blog was really useful ! :)subscribed:)


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