Final Major Project: Placement

Saturday, 16 April 2011

What an amazing time I'm having in London. I really do need to blog more and take some more photos but I'm just so busy. The Truffle office is in an amazing building in Soho, there is another office downstairs made up of journalists, an exhibition/event floor and then above us, the roof terrace. Take a look at The Soho Collective's facebook page for some photos.

The good thing about Truffle being a boutique agency is that you get a lot more hands on experience than ever could be imagined. Previous places I've been I may has well just being a tea girl but I have already learnt so much in the time I've been there - I never want to leave.

How it all relates to my final major project: I already have experience in branding a start up company but I've never tackled it from a PR perspective. I have been involved in new business meetings, development meetings and attended launch events, seeing the process from beginning to end. It is exciting and when I finish work at the office, if we aren't going on to another meeting or attending an event, I'm at home sketching, and writing prospective press releases for 'Clothes for Coco.'

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  1. wow really enjoyed reading your placement experience, please write more posts about it :)


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