Editorial Design Hand In

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Last Friday I handed in my Editorial Module work. This was my penultimate hand in, only one more now which is June 2nd. I felt a little bit numb on Friday that I had no more time to improve anything, my final degree grade now rests in the hands of this final major project. Panic attack inducing thought!

My original proposal for editorial started out as a fashion magazine, I envisaged it as a similar size to that of creative review with constructive comparisons between the high street and designer. I guess it would have fallen in between Elle Collections and Company High Street Edit - However, after deciding on a name and noticing some photography work by a friend, I tweaked my idea. Marmite became a magazine dedicated to new and young talent separated into sections such as Fashion, Illustration and Design.

I had some amazing contributors, Alice, Kelly, Charis, Ian and Rosie. And of course my good friends Charlotte & Katherine. Marmite was predominantly a digital magazine which in a couple of weeks I'll upload the link to - I just have to wait for it to actually be seen by my tutor first.

There is definitely no rest for the wicked at the moment, as I'm knee deep in work for my final major project before I go to London on Saturday for the whole of April to intern for Truffle. Luckily I wrote my internship, placements and book crits into my proposal for my final major so technically I'm not loosing any time and I'll still get marked for it.


  1. Wow Katy, this looks so exciting - can't wait for you to upload it ! x


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