"You have to ruffle feathers in a different way."

Friday, 25 February 2011

I was planning on blogging about London Fashion Week today but after going through my list of definites to watch from New York, I had to write about the Anna Sui show. Like the people who actually attended I physically cannot watch every show so I skim through a lot of links and save a list of musts. I cannot believe I didn't see this until today.

Anna Sui in general is a very likeable brand to begin with but watching her talk about how the show was put together she comes across as so very genuine and interested in design and design history which is something I've always pushed as a creative myself. You have to have an interest in life I believe to be a successful creative.

This particular collection was inspired by the ballet russes - I never got down to the V&A to see the exhibition last Autumn and I so wished I'd gone now. The prints are incredible and I can already see a lot of bloggers sub-consciously changing there backgrounds! Overall in general I love the cheekiness, the models smiled and although the colours were dark and bold prints were used, the kitten hats took the edge of things. It was such a pleasure to watch, I can imagine after a stressful day of shows for ed's this would have been a nice change.

Credit for the show images from fashionologie.com & if you want to see the show and Anna talk about the collection see here - I love the quote "That's what appeals to me about fashion, you have to ruffle feathers in a different way." I think it's the same for most of the creative industry, be different but know your stuff.

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