Wednesday, 16 February 2011

One of the things I've pushed for at uni was cross disciplines between degrees. It isn't something that everyone agrees with but I see no reason why provided you work hard and learn you can't pick and choose in the creative industry. For example I'm a graphic communication and design student but I have placements in a magazine and a pr company. The two roles couldn't be more different. Fashion is a really strong interest of mine and something that inspires and affects the way I design.

I'm terrible at styling, I'm so boring when it comes to my outfit choices it is unreal but colours, patterns and shapes make me go weak at the knees. I haven't seen a lot of New York fashion week coverage because I've been so busy lately but from what I have, I'm already looking forward to winter. The detailing at preen (top left), I fell for, hard. I've already added a beaded background to the website I'm currently working on and I LOVE that warm blue.

I'd never wear anything like Preen or especially Rodarte (below) but Marc by Marc Jacobs (top right) is more my thing. I'm a very black, grey, leather type of a person with a splash of leopard print here and there. I've used metallics in my editorial design I'm on with at the moment and I'll definitely be including some wild prints now. I included Rodarte because although it was the collection I've been least impressed with (sorry everyone), it's the perfect influence for my final major. Wearability for myself I'd never go near but inspiration for my fmp, it's just spot on. Everything seemed very dainty but grown up and the baby cornflower blue colour is spot on what I've been searching for. Credit to topshop for images.

As for a weekly round up of other things I've been up to include eating vast amounts of cake as it was my birthday yesterday, wearing leather leggings.... & listening to passion pit, chase n status and ladyhawke. Eclectic as ever.

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