Final Major Proposal

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

It is finally done and handed in. I'm so glad I can now actually just get on with the work and start experimenting. I have already been having a bit of a play around with different materials to create the logo for the brand. At the moment the proposed new name is 'Clothes for Coco.' If anyone has any suggestions or comments on this I'd love to hear them.

The mood boards (if you can call them that) are my favourite part of the proposal. There are four in total, two shown below. All images were pinched from blogs/tumblr etc so if you see yours... thanks! I've got these pinned up on my notice board and they just make me want to keep working and stay up another few hours. I'm going to make some for my editorial project since it is working so well for this.

Other exciting things happening recently include; a rather lovely trip to Lickety Split with Luke for a fairy fizz sundae. An adventurous night out for cocktails which resulted in me sleeping in my washing basket (don't ask). A make over at MAC by my friend Vicky who I've known since school and should have done my make up for me sooner! And lots more but most importantly I managed to get placement after my last post at Truffle PR. It completes my final major project but working in PR is something I really want to do once I graduate, I'm really excited and cannot wait for April now. Right now I'm off to bed but I'll leave you with this which I think is absolutely amazing.

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