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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

This is by no means a fashion or style blog, nor is this an outfit of the day post but I really wanted to show this amazing dress my friend Katherine lent me the other Saturday night. It was from Topshop, though I'm not sure when she bought it or how much for.

Katherine left early but Charlotte & I stayed out till crazy o'clock dancing. I remember very little from the night but my main memories were of me running through the bus station pretending to be batman. The chiffon sleeves were incredible. So you'll have to excuse my hungover / bedhead - no makeup face in the photos but I really wanted to show it off.

In other news I have completed my draft proposal for my final major which has being accepted. I'm going to be designing the complete branding for a fairly new childrenswear designer called Erin Brown. I'm also working on an editorial module where I'm attempting at designing a magazine currently titled Marmite. More on this later. And in between everything else, I'm searching out placements for April.. anyone want to have me as an intern get in touch!

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  1. oh love this dress
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think


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