Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A bit late as usual but I have been so ridiculously busy and to top it off my new moleskine weekly planner only just arrived so I haven't had any way of organizing myself. Not to mention my manic day when my blackberry and my mac both decided to die on me and the hangover from hell on New Years Day.

NYE was a hilarious night spent with some of my really funny girly friends and Charlotte - we drank a crazy amount of champagne and I barely remember anything post 2am. For those interested in what I wore, see here - (useless photo but you can see the chanel strap!) black body con dress from people tree, asos tights & shoe boots and Charlotte's Chanel 2.55

Work wise, I have been doodling a lot, tackling my dissertation which is almost complete despite feeling like it would never end and I've also being working on my proposal for my final major which I will reveal in a few days including photos. Yesterday was probably the best day for motivation, Patrick Collister (Previous chairman at Oglivy) gave a lecture at uni and hung around for the afternoon. I had a lovely chat with him and he even donated to our New Blood fund which was so nice of him. He made me remember why I'm bothering doing all this work, that the past five years haven't being for nothing. If you ever get the chance to see one of his talks - go!

Right now I'm off to tackle the editing of this dissertation. Tweaking it like crazy then designing it, ready for hand in next week.

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