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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I've had an insanely crazy week of hard work so I've enjoyed a well deserved break this afternoon at the stables. I was at uni then riding from 4pm and a nice glass of rose in the pub after. The horses all look lovely and cosy when we left in their coats. I on the other hand was not so cosy - it's absolutely freezing. I just got back in and was so ready for a bath and pj's.

In work terms I've been attempting to re-write parts of my dissertation and hitting the books, this I'm really struggling with. I have also been finishing up my module journal and I'm off to get my research back from the printers tomorrow. This uni business is so expensive, 25p for every sheet printed and £6.50 for perfect binding, which is relatively cheap compared to the other printing places I've been to.

Speaking of printers and if you notice the above photos, my book came back from the other printers. Unfortunately they made massive mistakes all over it and due to the company being in America, it's awkward to get re-print on time for hand in. I've made up for it by including the proof document and notes. I'm off to go do some work on my module journal now and get some well deserved sleep.

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