Sunday, 19 December 2010

I have finally handed in everything that I had to for my Christmas deadline at uni. We officially finished on Friday and celebrated by having our secret santa/ mini xmas party. Everyone brought nibbles and our tutor Tony kindly donated us several bottles of red wine. I honestly felt heartbroken realizing it was our last Christmas together. Having attended two other universities before ending up here, I have to admit I have never met a better group of people & enjoyed myself so much in a place where I'm 'being educated.'

I finished off 'Seeing Sight' by designing the research book and mounting photos of the final installation. The second half of my project was a module journal to do with everything that had influenced and inspired me during the last few months. I made a movie of a night drive which I edited and used this song by Lydia to go with it. Around September when everything was changing and M left for good, I listened to the Assailants album on repeat like a true emo trooper. It worked out for the best though because everything that happened seemed to make my design work so much more intense and I've been really happy with the outcome.

I ended up getting the book part of my module journal professionally printed after several unsuccessful attempts at binding myself. It featured different 4 different sections, about the past few months personally, my influences in London, Film and fashion week. For a sneaky look see here - you can also see my design space at uni.

Now is the hard part, I'm off uni but at work and in the inbetweens I'm writing my dissertation like a crazy woman. I cannot wait to hand this in.

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