Seeing Sight: An Interactive Installation

Thursday, 11 November 2010

My installation in the uni gallery went really well, I had so much amusing and also worthwhile feedback from people. The highlight was definitely bubble wrapping the floor! Setting it up was so much fun and I'm really thankful to everyone who helped me.

As the whole idea was based around not taking for granted our eye sight, it was really interesting getting to see the gallery at different times of the day. I have some photos which were shot at night with the lights off and it was a complete different experience to seeing the work during daylight. Now the hard work has began and I'm in the process of making a hardback book to hand in. I had thought about other mediums, whether a fold down poster would work better but in the end settled on a book as I'm including braille and peep holes! I'm not one to make life easy for myself.

I'm going to try get the videos up on my vimeo shortly but they need editing down as two are just over 6 minutes long. I'll get them done soon and photos of the book will be here as soon as it is printed - I can't wait to see what it looks like and I haven't even sent it to print yet.

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