Seeing Sight...

Saturday, 23 October 2010

First of, lets settle the important matter of the above pictured bag. I did say I would post a photo of the over-sized clutch I purchased from fashion weekend, so there it is. I had been saying to Eve on the train to London how I had wanted a decent sized 'going-out' bag and I got my wish. It's by a designer called Sara Berman and is one of the nicest leathers I've ever touched - even better than my mulberry handbag! I'm going to save my pennies now for one of her Charlotte-pom tote bags.

Aside from drooling over handbags, I have been ridiculously busy with my uni work as usual. The above photo is a little teaser of some work I have on display in the university gallery which if anyone is interested in and would like to see is on display until Thursday 28th October at the design centre at Sunderland Uni's city campus. The project is to do with taken for granted your eyesight and what blind people actually see. It has involved quite a lot of primary research and being such an interesting experience hearing first hand accounts.

I'll post photos from the actual installation in a few days times, as I'm planning on getting a few shots of it at night time in the dark with all the lights off. Sounds a little cliche but I like to include as much research in my module journals as possible, so cliche cannot be ruled out.


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