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Monday, 27 September 2010

I haven't updated in such a long time, partly because I have been so busy and partly because I've been so tired from being so busy. I've spent my time since my last post sketching out ideas for year two graphics to catch up, researching for my dissertation which has involved reading a lot of books and attempting to contact people from industry. Not to mention my social life has been pretty hectic too, my brother has come home from New Zealand for a month and I've been to fashion weekend with my friend Eve.

Another large chunk of my time has been taken up with planning ideas for my final major project at uni. This I am really excited about, I've had lots of ideas and I won't say what just yet but the one I love, fits in well with my dissertation idea and seems to tick all boxes.

Fashion Weekend was so much fun, Eve and I had wine and champagne on the train, received loads of freebies and spent far too much money. I bought a beautiful clutch bag from Sara Berman which I saved over £200 on. The catwalk show, while focused towards A/W trends as opposed to fashion week S/S, it was still educational and allowed us to have a refresher of current trends to take back to uni. It was especially interesting to myself as my dissertation and final major are focusing on fashion and the industry surrounding it.

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