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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I am really conscious of the fact that around November/December time everyone gets a little bit panicked about their dissertations and starts sending round questionnaires on facebook. I desperately don't want to be one of these annoying people who does that, not necessarily because I don't want to panic but because I don't want to be that annoying friend.

However, having said that, I do intend to blog about my dissertation subject. I have already roped a number of contacts, friends and acquaintances into helping, be it for their professional or personal opinion but I thank you to all who help, in advance.

It's working title at the moment is 'The Sexualisation of young girls within the media.' It is a subject, which I originally wasn't too bothered about but having researched over the summer and read the magazines I used to when I was 12/13/14 years old - I actually fear for the day I have my own children!

Pregnant Barbie (above) is really just the start of it. Researching one day in the library with my friend Ross, I nearly choked on my tea as I read one of the magazines I had used to as a pre-teen, only to find an article entitled ‘Is it a crush or are you gay?’ The headlines on the front pages of these magazines are equally as worrying; ‘Sexy vs Brainy,’ ‘How to be irresistible to lads.’

I am not saying teen magazines are the only source to blame, I’m very aware there are a number of other factors involved in girls being sexualised too young but it is the subject I will be investigating for the next few months. So I would love to know everyone’s opinions (if I haven’t already contacted you), then get in touch or if anyone knows anyone who they think I should contact, I’d also love to hear from you.


  1. Pregnant Barbie is a bit worrying, it looks pretty scary.

  2. It is really worrying, I remember having Barbies which came with a baby doll but never one that popped out or was so detailed!


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