Sunderland Uni Degree Show 2010

Sunday, 11 July 2010

I said previously I would do a whole post dedicated to Sunderland Uni's degree show and I really hope if any students whose work was feature reads this doesn't take offense. I missed the actual opening night which was the friday however when I got back, my friend whose work was include, Graeme took me along to see.

In previous years the exhibition has being held in the design centre (where we study), there is a gallery space downstairs in this building however this year it has been moved to 'City Space.' 'City Space' is the central building for sporting activity and the room they were using is much much bigger than the gallery in the design centre.

Sunderland isn't a prestigious university, its art & design department is not famous however students here seem to 'get' jobs. It certainly doesn't dominate the D&AD books but students have gone on to work for Aardman, Apple, Inferno and many more famous companies and agencies. Which is why I found the degree show this year so disappointing.

The quality of work was amazing to see, however absolutely everything was muddled up, not to mention on the floor! Perhaps it is just me but I see putting artwork on the floor, the same as burning books. It just should not be done. For a design show, the amount of typo's was hilarious, I am not the best speller in the world but you think for something so important, someone would have checked. See if you can spot 'Ra chel!' I have lots photos I'm putting up on flickr but I won't be able to credit hardly anyone because there were no names next to work. The exhibition appeared to have been designed with a fluid, modern approach to the work (hence the long prints from the ceiling along the floor) but due to the fact illustration, graphics, 3d, jewelery & advertising were all muddled in together, it didn't work.

Yelana Guanyi Yu's work was probably my favourite and I have included her in the blog because I could credit her work as she was one of the only names visible. It was intricate, fragile and I really wish she had a website.

Having said all that, I enjoyed looking round all the work and well done to the guys who were shortlisted at New Designers. I just hope next year the layout of the show improves.

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